Making It Work On The Coast | S1 E2 “The Weber Family”

Making It Work On The Coast | S1 E2 “The Weber Family”

Location: Upper Gibsons

Outdoor Hangout: Secret Beach

Social Recco: The Gumboot

In just two weeks, the Weber family went from renting in Vancouver’s unstable housing market to owning a gorgeous acreage on the Sunshine Coast, BC. It happened quickly back in 2016 when they booked a weekend visit to view listings. As soon as they laid eyes on the two-acre property in Upper gibsons, they knew this was it.

Now, just one year into their new coastal life, parents Sarah and Nick (and children Sean,4, and Emily, 6), spend their spare time exploring trails, beaches and viewpoints within a stone’s throw of home. They can finally look up at the starlit sky and truly see it. They can get their hands dirty as they build a new garden. And, they can dream about setting up their hobby farm with goats, horses and chickens.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast became a realistic option as Sarah and Nick intensified their house search since selling their Vancouver condo in 2014. Their options were dwindling in Metro Vancouver as they continued to get pushed out further East. Meanwhile, they were finding incredible properties – hobby farms, acreages, detached homes – that they could afford right here on the Sunshine Coast. And with Sarah’s parents already living in Roberts Creek, the stars were aligning – quite literally as you’ll discover later on in this blog.

The Weber family home is a two-story 3,000 sq. foot farmhouse with plenty of space for animals, a greenhouse, and raised garden, and a “back-forty” full of forest and trails.

The young family, is now ensconced in the community and loving the relaxed nature of the region. The kids are happy. Emily is in elementary school and Sean is headed there this fall. Nick, an archeologist, has found work at a firm here on The Coast. Sarah stays at home with the kids while running her home business selling photography cards and essential oils.

Sarah and Nick learned early that the best way to learn about community goings on, meet people and share information is through the Sunshine Coast community’s intricate network of Facebook Groups.

With so many adventures spent visiting Smugglers Cove, Roberts Creek and Cliff Gilker Park, the Webers are content with the laid back vibe and peacefulness of coastal living – away from the traffic headaches and hustle and bustle.

For Nick and Sarah, their most memorable moment from The Coast thus far is entirely otherworldly: witnessing the Perseid Meteor shower from their back porch.

“I’d been living in Vancouver for about 16 years and last summer was the first time that I could look up at night and see the stars,” says Nick, with a bit of disbelief. “Sarah and I sat on the back deck at about 11:30 at night and watched a meteor shower.”

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Each year, the Sunshine Coast welcomes new year-round residents who have unearthed the secret of “going coastal”. In this Making It Work On The Coast blog series, we’ll get to know our new neighbours, who are fast becoming part of the fabric of our community. I’ll discover their inspirations for moving to the Sunshine Coast, and the homes, lifestyles, and careers they’ve built in our amazing neck of the woods.

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