New TV Show Looking For Stories About Moving To The Coast

New TV Show Looking For Stories About Moving To The Coast

Calling all dreamers and doers!

My friends at film and television production house, Entertainment One , are on the hunt for folks to feature in their brand new TV show, which will document stories about people making the move away from urban centres into rural communities.

As we all know, the housing boom in major city centres across Canada is changing the way we are thinking about housing. Many people are shifting their house searches out of cities and into rural areas like the Sunshine Coast, where they can get more property for their money and live more comfortably.

eOne will follow several Canadians with an entrepreneurial spirit who are building prosperous futures through creative housing solutions and innovative ways of earning an income.

Who we’re looking for:
The production team is looking for prospects in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa who are doing it, thinking about it or have made the move already.

Do you fit any of the following requirements?

  • You’ve been thinking seriously about moving to the Sunshine Coast, but not yet committed.
  • You’re planning on moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2018 and wheels are in motion.
  • You’ve already moved to The Coast in the last 12 months and still in the process of setting up your life here.

If any of these apply, you could be featured on the new show! Join eOne on this great adventure as they journey to a new life and inspire other Canadians to of the same. Get in touch with me before Dec 9th and I’ll be sure to connect you with the right people to learn more about this opportunity.

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