Humans Of The Coast | S1 E7 “THE ART LOFT at this is it”

Humans Of The Coast | S1 E7 “THE ART LOFT at this is it”

Not many people can say they’ve made art for the Royal Family. But, Sunshine Coast artist Robert Studer sure can. He’s also made pieces for the Duke and Duchess of York, and a host of other dignitaries.

Robert and his wife, Beth, are both accomplished artists and owners of The Art Loft Airbnb in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Under their umbrella company ‘this is it’, Robert and Beth run the Airbnb and their respective artist brands: Beth Hawthorn Design and Robert  Studer Creative.

Beth is a graphic designer and mixed media artist. Robert creates custom works and art exhibits for homes, corporate spaces and other high-end clientele. His signature pieces feature glass, metal and natural objects. In addition to the commissioned work he completed for the Government of Canada, his work can also be found in buildings created by renowned architects and interior designers.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll find creativity and culture around every corner. There must be something in that salty sea breeze that attracts artists, performers and makers to our beautiful coastline. The secluded hamlet of Roberts Creek is an epicentre for the flourishing art community.

Robert and Beth first moved onto their five-acre property 11 years ago. At the time, the only structures on the property were a few outhouses and a bare bones, multi-level horse barn, built by a “bachelor cowboy” who lived a very simple life.

The irony is that they weren’t too impressed with the space when they first reviewed the listing. But a viewing changed all that.

The pair had “lofty” ideas for this property. “One of the reasons we moved to the Sunshine Coast from Vancouver was to put our business and our home on the same property,” says Beth. “That was the whole point of it.”

Once completing their home renovations, they set to work on building the studio. At least 50% of the design is crafted from upcycled or recycled wood, metal and glass salvaged from architect friends, old saw mills and various other businesses.

The Art Loft has a West Coast- inspired exterior, but the interior has an ultra-modern, clean design aesthetic. The space is more than just a place for visitors to hang their hats – it’s a window into the flourishing art scene on The Coast – and some might say a catalyst too.

“This space can transform into several different configurations,” says Robert, explaining that the walls were purposefully painted white for exhibiting art, and they have wheels so they can be shifted around. “It provides an opportunity for us to have really unique, creative events take place: performances, gatherings, large installations. Whatever we want to do.”

One of their signature events is their annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl exhibition, held at the studio. Each year, they carefully curate their art exhibit, and craft a buzzing atmosphere fueled by inspiration, creativity and creative play.

Robert still remembers one epic event they hosted at The Art Loft for the Roberts Creek Arts Festival, which included circus acts, stilt walkers, live food and art demonstrations, and an incredible turn-out.

Now, with the Airbnb having just launched, Robert and Beth are excited to welcome new visitors to The Coast; encouraging them to explore the culture of our community – as well as the natural beauty. After all, nature is the best muse of all; with her hidden grottos and secret waterfalls – both of which are within walking distance of the B&B.

As the Sunshine Coast enters its new renaissance, Robert and Beth are pleased to be part of it – and to help shape the evolution.

“Come here with your dream and work towards fulfilling it,” says Robert. “[The Sunshine Coast] is a remote area that will evolve a certain kind of culture and I want to contribute to that change in a quality, meaningful and creative way.”

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Find this is it online at thisisit.ca, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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