Behind The Scenes: Staging A Vintage Cabin…6854 Seaview Road, Sandy Hook

Behind The Scenes: Staging A Vintage Cabin…6854 Seaview Road, Sandy Hook

This month, I listed 6854 Seaview Road in Sandy Hook – a charming vintage cabin in the woods with peekaboo views of the ocean. Hopefully, by now you have seen the stunning images and you adore this space as much as I do!

oday, I’m going to take you behind the scenes with how we staged this gorgeous property. This is a value added service I offer my clients for free. But, the truth is, I absolutely love home staging.

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Why Staging?

Staging is a very important part of listing a home as it helps merchandise the property for its potential. With the right finishing touches, you can showcase the stand-out features, and inspire buyers to envision themselves spending time there.

Every time we take a look at a property for staging, it’s all about the end goal. My inspiration for staging has very much been influenced by my husband Ross, who works as a production designer in the film industry. When he reads a new script, he’s always thinking “what’s the end user seeing?” Keeping the end viewer in mind helps him craft vivid worlds, different times and, in some cases, different galaxies but for me its the home buyer being able to see the home in its fullest potential.

This particular cabin is perfect for a first home owner or a family looking for a vacation property to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. So, with that in mind, I envisioned a young, hip professional couple or family with a vintage style, and an appreciation for nostalgic touches.

How to Furnish When Staging

When you’re staging you don’t always want hop on modern trends if it doesn’t fit with the property. In this case, with it being a very original cabin, I wanted to keep its authenticity and really highlight the vintage feel of it.

I have a whole vault of stuff I pull out. For this project, it was very much vintage, old school props and staging materials that really highlight the rustic cabin. I used old clocks from an English train station, and our vintage 1950s radio, which we brought over from England when we moved here. I even added in my personal collection of hats, which create a slightly “lived in” look.

I always love to add finishing touches like throws and pillows to create a cozy atmosphere – especially for a cabin! Throughout the space, I added in Pendleton and Hudson’s Bay blankets. I also found some great furnishings from Blue Magnolia in Sechelt and Ikhaya Boutique in Lower Gibsons.

Also, I often borrow items from my own property if they fit the space. In this case, I used our vintage single twin bed in the second bedroom.

With the wooden tones of the cabin, we wanted to add in some bright accent colours. The rug in the living room is a signature piece and ads in a nice pop of colour and texture to the space. To complement the earthy tones of the interior, I also added in greenery and plants to breathe life into the space and capitalize on a current trend.

With this property, we also took a look at the front garden. There had been an old shed that was taken down and it was a bit of a barren spot. We added in a fire pit and added in some bright Muskoka chairs to demonstrate the potential of the backyard.

Staging With Other Realtors In Mind

Coming from a real estate agent perspective, we get new listings online every day. When we’re looking for a client in specific areas. There could be 20-30 different properties that pop up in MLS and all you get is a little thumbnail image. I’m staging with a hero picture in mind to attract other realtors and make my listing stand out.

I often switch out that hero photo to keep the listing fresh, so it’s best to have a bank of good images that you can swap out so you can keep the listing fresh on MLS.

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So, there you have it. A window into the staging process – and perhaps some design ideas for your own home too!

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