HUMANS OF THE COAST | S2 E9 "Modern Garden Cottage"

HUMANS OF THE COAST | S2 E9 "Modern Garden Cottage"

What do you do when you live in West Vancouver and you couldn’t care less about property, money and prestige? Why, you move to a cozy cabin on the Sunshine Coast, of course.

Carol and Paul Jennings, owners of the Modern Cottage Airbnb, have called The Coast home for nine years now and haven’t looked back since they sold their home in West Vancouver. They say the North Shore had a similar vibe to The Coast 30 years ago before it became one of the most affluent communities in Canada. A laid back beach community that could care less about what car you drive or your career path.

The Jennings were prominent realtors in the Lower Mainland before making this move. So, they know real estate - and they know a property’s potential when they see it. Their Gibsons cottage, located on the same half-acre lot as the Airbnb, has a romantic, cozy feel, complete with Montauk Sofa that you could sink into (I have one too).

“My house has to feel like my happy place,” says Carol, who’s ideal home is a cottage in Buccaneer Bay. “It’s funny because I want to take this house with us on holidays because it’s so comfortable.”

Inspired by their son, the Jennings renovated their 380 square foot art studio and began running the Modern Garden Cottage Airbnb in April 2018. They’ve already achieved Superhost status for going above and beyond in their hosting.

The quaint cottage is simple, but beautifully decorated with gorgeous touches, such as a raised king-sized bed so guests can sit in bed and have their coffee, enjoying the view. Carol often brings warm croissants to her guests. The location is also close to great restaurants and amenities in the Gibsons community.

“Everybody that comes they just walk in and they get it. They just get it.” says Carol.

Since they moved over, the Jennings have inspired many friends - and even some of their children - to make the move to the Sunshine Coast.

What’s their pitch?

“[Move here] if you like community; if you like the recreation; if you like the outdoors; if you like buying your produce and your chicken at a local farm. It’s the friendliest community I’ve lived in,” says Carol.

Carol’s advice is to move to be open to meeting people and contributing to the community.

“If you’re new coming to the community, get involved. All you need is one friend. Get involved with something. There are tons of little things to get involved with.”

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